Fashion Depends On Dress and Colour

Indian fashion designers – Jewellery, accessories, hairstyles, cosmetics may add the value in fashion. But fashion starts and ends with diversity and richness of dresses. Whether it is a party or casual gathering or professional affair you can get a numerous number of stylish dresses which are trend in fashion world now a day.

Tunic tops for women: Doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, slim or curvy you can always go for tunic which will look good on any frame. You will get it with proper silhouette that suits on your body type and make you to look slimmer.

If you want to hide your tummy, go for empire waist or elastic waist which sits low on the hip. Try to avoid pocket like details in the midsection. You can choose A line shape for full hips and thighs which will glide over the lower body.

Black and white dress: If fashion is all about dresses, then dresses are all about colours. At present era, two purest colours black and white are widely taken by fashion industry which do not only reflect the purity, but also reflects the sense of royalty and elegance.

Though white is the traditional colour for bridal dresses and black is traditionally used for funerals in some countries. But present fashion says these two colours can be used for sophisticated eveningwear or party wear. It can be used in professional as well as casual clothing. Since these are neutral colours, so can go well with all body types and skin tones.

Reason to Choose Monochromatic dress: While wearing a single coloured or monochromatic dress you present a consisting visual image which can make you look taller. Dark colours are mainly used for monochromatic dressing, because it helps to look you leaner and when you will look leaner, you will look taller.

Apart from black which is most commonly used as a monochromatic colour, you can choose from navy, charcoal, dark brown, burgundy, or deep green also.

Follow the fashion by choosing trendy dress and colours. Choose it based on your body type and skin tone.

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Top 4 Mens Casual Shirts

Just like online shopping for dresses among girls is very popular, there are casual shirts that have been the craze among the boys for many years. But, there is a whole lot to it. As you know every situation has a correct style for it because you don’t want to look foolish among everyone. If there is a survey that can be held to check whether there are more professional gathering or casual gathering, then you will see why casual shirts are so in need and more active than formal shirts. And finding the right mens casual shirt for a person is far more difficult than choosing a formal shirt for an event.

By now you know that how important a casual shirt is for a man just like handloom cotton sarees for Indian women. The very reason is their focus on style, fabric and comfort. There are 4 important casual shirt types that are widespread all over the world:

Short-sleeve popover

This shirt has rich features of oxford fabrics that is truly comfortable and can be wore throughout the year, any season, any place this type of shirts won’t disappoint you. That is why this is an indispensable part of a man’s wardrobe.

Interlock Polo

A shirt that you can wear both at formal and casual parties because it is made that way, you can experience top notch classic fit fabric which not only comfortable but also quite stylish. Golf players usually wear polo shirts because these types of shirts have uneven vents for air flow and to keep the body cool.

Express Dress Shirt

Just think you to a part overdressed not know what you actually needed to wear and people laugh at you and call you joker or funny. This is where this fellow comes in with its unique capability of blending in at any type of party, looking smooth and well dressed.

Cord Camp Short Sleeve

Known for its simplicity, this shirt matches at events like beach parties and holidays at beach, giving a precise tropical look.


As you know formal shirts are not meant for every situation, at casual occasions these types of shirts are the right choice to save a man from looking messy.

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Why Handloom Sarees are considered better than others

There is a reason why Handloom sarees are considered to be so special, it takes three to ten days for an average sari to be weaved by the effort s of two to three people. You don’t know but looms are quite amazingly simple constructions of wooden beams, ropes and poles. There are many cottage weavers who sit in pit looms with the warp spinning and inside that pit you will find an earthen bench and a series of pedals operating the loom before going through the reed to control its movement and divide the threads. This process is not so easy like sewing cushion covers which quite similar to this process but a lot easier.

You will not find these perfect handloom sarees online dresses for women so easily; these sarees are specially ordered for special occasions which have typical small ornaments which are called bhutties when they are at the field. And to create these bhutties two or three people sit at the bench working on the border and the pedals.

Production in homes

You may not know this but most of the handloom production occurs at private homes where every member gets engaged in producing new sari. Some took over tying the loom, some do the dying and others weaving. Hand spun threads are being used to weave these variety of sarees which are especially called khadi and you will be cherished after touching them because of their delightful softness.

A Tradition that will last forever

This is a complex tradition India that will certainly last forever in India, and we love it, don’t we? India has many regions where people with different religions are known for producing different types of sarees that are hugely popular and admired by everyone. These sarees have their own names and today’s fashion has even encouraged the weavers to do different styles based on their production and tradition for people who love to wear handloom sarees.


You won’t be able to duplicate the certain type of sari that is being produced in a certain place because they are being made from skilled labour of personnel, fiber and climate that have definitive qualities which are so unique that cannot be replicate.

Types of long dresses for girls that you can find online

Just like cushion covers online can be found for sofas which secures their fashion girls also need long dresses that can staple their fashion. Girls have a wide variety of dresses to select from, numerous types of styles for every particular event. There are local retail stores, shopping malls and online stores that offer dresses for every occasion for sale. Here are some of the long dresses for women that you can find easily online:

Sheath Dress

These types of dresses have slim and close fitting which are really famous in India because of the fine work of Indian fashion designers, so that you can show your jaw dropping curves. The person who is going to wear these sheath dresses will be able to walk comfortably without a hunch because of the slits. But these sheath dresses are usually wore by adult women not only just for that ravishing feminine look but also because these dresses are restrictive to teenagers in some places. Works for different occasions with different accessories to give a different look.

Formal dresses

One of the most stunning dresses ever made that is essential for many types of events like proms, weddings and even graduations. But do keep in mind that they are not made for you to use on a daily basis. And it is quite important to choose the type of clothing you is going to wear, thicker clothing with suit the winter events and thin ones for the summer. And you should also look out for stunning pair of shoes to highlight your dress.

Maxi dresses

Ahh! These dresses have evolved so much over the past few years. Now, they have become so much comfortable and silky. These types of dresses are usually very long, running down to the ankles. They can be your fashion statement if you go out in the daylight with the right pair of accessories. With so many patterns and colours maxi dresses are perfect for anyone girl short or tall, it doesn’t matter as long as you choose the right length, you will look gorgeous.


Dresses are gems for girls and a very important asset to any girl’s wardrobe.

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Fusion wear: Tunic tops for women

Mens casual shirts – Indian woman have become very fashion conscious and they want to wear clothes that are in accordance to the overall trend in the fashion industry. You need to make sure that you wear things that you feel comfortable in. If you can feel comfortable in what you wear then you will bound to be able to carry it off. Off late fusion wear is then most talked about thing when it comes to fashion. Many new designers are incorporating fusion wear in the designs in order to encourage more people to try fusion wear. These clothes mainly revolve around either an eastern or a western wear with different aspects of the other incorporated in it.

Fusion wear in India

One of the best example of fusion wear in India are the Tunic tops for women. These tops are made in the cut of tunics but designed like a kurtis or a kurtas. This is really great as this way you are getting to wear something that is unique and amazing. These fusion wears are designed on some western classics as well. The long Black and white dress gown is given a new dimension by merging it with a long anarkali cut to make the perfect gown. You can wear these to any nice party or special occasion. Monochrome dress is also being given a turn over with nice Indian designs and motifs made on the neck line.

You can buy these fusion wear from any designer boutiques or stores. If you are in a crutch of time, then you can pick them up from online sites. Many online sites these days have a separate category for fusion wear. You can wear these different fusion apparel to all formal and informal parties. You are bound to make heads turn in your dresses. It is very convenient to buy online as well as you can do it from the comfort of your home and not worry about travelling.

Thus buying fusion wear has become very easy and you can stay stylish and trendy by wearing such fusion wear for the different occasions you need to attend.

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Online shopping for dresses and apparel

Shopping online has become a favourite pass time of many people in India. Shopping has always been a mandatory activity which was done by visiting mortar and brick stores in order to purchase all the things you require. But with the advancement of the internet, the different shopping portals have become a good way for people to shop. Online shopping for dresses for men and women have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Many new online shopping sites are coming up that are gaining a lot of popularity among the consumers.

What can you buy from these sites?

These sites have a lovely collection of some of the most amazing apparel. You can pick up lovely Mens casual shirts that are great for daily wear as well as office wear. You will be surprised to see the huge collections on offer. You will most likely get any type of apparel that you wish to buy. Women can choose from a lovely collection of Handloom cotton sarees to salwars and lehengas. These sites offer high quality merchandise. You can order whatever you need from these sites and it will get delivered to your door step.  You can opt to pay through a debit or a credit card. Many sites offer cash on delivery as well.

Another good thing about these sites is that they give amazing discounts and offers. You can choose to buy things that are on a discount without worrying about the quality. You will even get many branded things at amazing discounts.

These online sites are a very good option for buyers. In our hectic day to day life it gets a bit difficult to go to the malls and stores to pick up apparel. So now we can utilise the free time in our hands by shopping online and buying what we need.

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Dresses for women is getting a fusion look

India is stepping up on their fashion quotient these days. They are paying attention to how they; look and what will suit them best. There are many new designers in the market who are introducing new things to the market. Because of this it is often seen that the people are stepping away from the conventional types of apparel and are accepting more modern garments. One of the most recent change is in the Handloom sarees business. More and more Indians are wanting to wear these sarees thus due to the high demand, many shops are opening up based on this specific types of sarees.

Fusion wear in India

Dresses for women have been in style for a very long time. But these Indian designers are including some Indianite looks into these dresses in order to give the whole look a very fusion look. You can pick up these dresses at the stores or from the sites that offer these dresses. These online sites are a very versatile site as you can pick up anything ranging from Cushion covers to apparel. It is very easy to pick up things from this site because you can do so from the comfort of your own home. They will be directly delivered to your doorstep. So shopping in these sites is a good idea.

Another change in fashion is the use of a lot of fusion in the clothes. Many a time the designers are incorporating western looks in eastern wear or western looks in eastern wear. Chinese collared shirts are one of the biggest example of this kind of a fashion. So you can be assured that you will find something you like that will have a nice fusion look to it. Some brides and grooms these days are even option for a fusion look in their wedding apparel. Thus this fusion look has definitely caught on very fast.

So fashion is playing a very important part in our society these days. This is one of the biggest reason Indian trends have caught on in the global market and can be seen on international runways.

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